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【High Quality Material】- The food distribution ball and sucker of the dog sucker toy are made of chewy TPR rubber, and the rope is made of braid made of the same material as the body armor, so it is not easy to be torn or broken. Compared with similar products on the market, its advantages are better resistance to biting and chewing, higher quality and longer service life.

【Newly Upgraded Dog’s Suction Cup Tug-of-war Toy】- We have solved the problem of insufficient suction, and increased the area of the suction cup base to make the suction stronger. The upgraded suction cup has a strong grip and can fix the toy in a playing place. It is suitable for sticking to smooth glass, doors and floors. Pets can entertain themselves in tug-of-war competitions, which are good for their physical and mental health, can provide beneficial intelligence.

Healthy Teeth Cleaning】- Equipped with rubber granular cleaner, double-layer sharp tooth cleaning structure, and durable materials, this dog tooth cleaning pet tug-of-war toy can help your dog wipe off tartar and dental bacteria when playing happily spot. Let your dog get rid of poor oral hygiene and develop healthy biting habits. The healthy growth of dogs is the result we most hope to see. At the same time, it saves a lot of dental expenses.

【Multi-functional Interaction】- The chew toy has a built-in small bell-when you shake the ball, the small bell inside will make a sound to attract the dog’s interest and effectively increase the interactive fun. You can add food to the tank, when the dog is playing a tug of war game with toys, sweet bells and countless fallen snacks can more effectively increase the interactive fun. When the dog falls in love with this toy, your furniture will be safe.

【Bring Joy】- The ball attached to the rope will bounce high when under force. Your puppy will be excited about this and continue to play with this interactive pet toy, and this ball toy will even attract the attention of older dogs and chase it frantically. Not only in your home, you can also let your dog play this game in the yard, park and more. Keep boredom away from your dog and become very interesting!

Product Description:

How to Use Dog Sucker Tug-of-war Toy:

1. Put some dog food into the leaking ball.

2. Clean the suction cup and the dust on the floor before each use.

3. Please moisten the suction cup, and then put the suction cup on its surface to squeeze out the air, and make sure that the floor surface is smooth, such as tile floors, doors and glass. Make sure that there is no gap between the suction cup and the floor (please step on it with your foot to ensure the best suction power.)

4. The sucker of this toy can work better on a smooth and flat surface. Please do not use it on frosted wooden floors, dusty walls and concrete surfaces. If you have any questions about the use of toys, please feel free to contact us.

5. Let the dog play by itself.

3-in-1 Multifunctional Dog Toy:

This is a multifunctional entertainment toy for food distribution, tooth cleaning and interactive tug-of-war competitions. There is a fixed bell inside the toy, which can pour dog food into the ball at the same time. When dogs and toys play a tug-of-war game, they will emit sweet bells and delicious snacks will fall, which can effectively improve the dog’s IQ and vitality. In the tug-of-war game, the granular and jagged design of the toy ball can effectively clean the dog’s teeth.

Interactive Toys:

The sucker ball is ideal for pets to play, resist tension and exercise. This is a great interactive dog toy. It not only protects the dog’s dental health, but also promotes the relationship between the owner and the dog and reduces anxiety.

Suction cup dog food dispensing toy ,dog teeth cleaning treat food dispensing ball toys


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Our company has a very senior designer is a professional production of pet supplies company.


Q1:Can Iget some samples?

Yes,some samples are free,others maybe need a little fee. please check with our sales

But the freight would be collected, and we will pay back if you place order.

Q2:Do you accept OEM for customer’s brand?

Yes,but MOQ will be required.

Q3:Do you have the certification?

Yes,we have FDACEISO,TUVBSCI,etc.

Q4: Do you have inspection procedure before shipping?

Yes,we do 100% QC inspection before shipping.

Q5:What’s the delivery date?

Samples are 5-7 days and production is around 30 days.

Q6:How about the after-sales service?

Just tell us the problems after receiving the products, then we will help you deal with it

For more information, Please feel free to contact us or leave your message, we will contact you within 24 hours.


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