Multifunctional Deformable Folding Dog Bed Multipurpose Pet Square Cushion Sofa

Product Properties : Material Cloth
Product category : pet nest
ColoursLight : lake blue,dark indigo,light bean green,forest green,Nordic pink,cherry pink,retro red,lavender purple,khaki brown,daylight yellow,moonlight grey
Specification : S,M,L,XL


Quick Details

Place of Origin:Shandong, China


Application:Small Animals

Wash Style:Hand Wash



Product name:Multi-functional pet nest mat

Color:Customized Color

Keywords:Pet Bed Pet Sofa


Type:Pet Beds & Accessories

Item Type:Beds & Sofas

Commercial Buyer:TV Shopping


Dog Bed Dog Bed





1. There will be an error in the measurement size, which is expected to be about 1cm.

2. The size is measured without velvet filling, and not under velvet filling.

Size length/width length/width Suitable for pet
(unfold) (nest)
S 71/56 40/22 Cat/Teddy etc
M 94/71 55/41 Schnauzer/Small and medium-sized dog
L 109/87 65/53 French Bulldog/Corgi/Medium-sized dog
XL 139/96 90/58 Golden Retriever/Canis lupus familiaris/largebreeddog


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