Supplements That Can Soothe Allergy Symptoms

Supplements That Can Soothe Allergy Symptoms

When I adopted my dog, she was plagued with allergies. From green gook that poured out of her eyes to her incredibly dry skin, she was constantly itching and uncomfortable. We made dozens of trips to the vet to get antibiotics and medicine to treat the symptoms, but the allergies just would not go away.

Frustrated, I sought out a holistic veterinarian to get a second opinion. She looked at my pet and recommended a different approach; instead of trying more pills, she said I should switch up my dog’s diet and add supplements to her dog food. I was skeptical, but I diligently measured out the fish oil and Vitamin E and poured it over my pup’s kibble. Within a few days, the eye issues cleared up. Her coat became softer, and she stopped scratching so much. After a few weeks, her skin was soft and moisturized. I was convinced.

Pet seasonal allergies can make them miserable. Allergies can cause different symptoms, but the most common are skin irritation, respiratory issues and ear infections. When you pet seems overwhelmed and uncomfortable, you may be able to help him by addressing the symptoms with supplements. If your pet is experiencing some allergy symptoms check in with your vet and decide if these supplements are worth a try:

  • Fish oil: For dogs with dry skin or coat, fish oil with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids may be helpful. Available in both capsule and liquid forms, the fish oil will help increase the skin’s moisture and encourage healthy shedding.
  • Seasonal allergy support supplement: Vet’s Best Seasonal Allergy Support Dog Supplements is a calming blend that gently supports skin health after it reacts to aggressors like exposure to pollens and flea bites.
  • Nettle leaf: Supplement containing nettle leaf, an herb used to control histamine levels, may help your dog or cat’s allergy symptoms. For pets who are sensitive to pollen, nettle leaf has been found to help control their respiratory and skin issues.
  • Laxatone: Laxatone and chamomile are two natural supplements that may help soothe your pet’s stomach and calm intestinal issues resulting from allergies.
  • Yeast: Yeast and garlic supplements may help boost your pet’s immune system and boost their resistance to allergens, such as flea bites or other skin irritants. The supplements may also help prevent hot spots and other allergy symptoms.

Supplements can be very helpful in treating your pet’s symptoms, but only if you use the right ones and in the proper amounts. Some supplements may react negatively when used with other medications or exacerbate certain underlying conditions. Always check with your veterinarian before incorporating supplements into your dog or cat’s diet. Work together to develop the approach that’s best for your pet.


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Supplements That Can Soothe Allergy Symptoms

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