Health Benefits of Bone Broth for Pets

Why You Should Feed Your Pet Bone Broth

Bone broth has long been a staple of the human diet. It’s becoming common in pet foods because of the health benefits of bone broth and more health-conscious food options in general. When it comes to enticing your pet, broth is always a scrumptious choice.

We spoke with Dr. Jennifer Adolphe, Ph.D., RD, Senior Nutritionist at Petcurean Pet Nutrition, to learn more about why Petcurean adds bone broth to their wet food recipes. “The popularity of bone broths has grown tremendously in the human food industry over the past several years due to their many purported health benefits and status as a comfort food,” explains Dr. Adolphe. Here are a few reasons why bone broth is an excellent ingredient in your pet’s food.

How Bone Broth is Made

It’s important to keep in mind that, “By definition, broth may be made from animal bones, parts and/or tissue. So, the term alone is not an indicator of exactly how the broth is made,” informs Dr. Adolphe. When you hear “bone broth,” you can be sure that it’s made exactly how you’d expect. Bone broth is made “by cooking bones in water for an extended period of time, during which nutrients and flavor compounds from the bones seep into the water, creating a savory broth,” explains Dr. Adolphe. “Broth that does not specify bone may simply be made by cooking meat and skin in water for an extended period of time,” explains Dr. Adolph.

It’s also easy to assume any stock is made with bones, but that’s not necessarily the case. While they may taste similar, bone broth provides nutrients that come from the bone itself. By not rushing the process, the broth gets all those wholesome benefits for your pet as well as a delicious flavor that’s bound to entice. This is why Petcurean decided to use bone broth as their liquid base for all the stews and patés in their Now Fresh line.

Health Benefits of Bone Broth Goes Beyond the Broth  

Nothing beats putting your pet’s food bowl down and seeing that tail wag or hearing sweet purrs of appreciation. The great thing about broth is that it increases palatability and can excite even the most discerning of eaters. “The primary benefits of bone broths in pet foods include enhancing palatability and contributing to fluid intake.”

Turkey bone broth is used in all of the Now Fresh stew and paté recipes. Petcurean choses turkey for two reasons. The first is “because the entire Now Fresh product line, including both wet and dry recipes, is 100% free from chicken and beef,” says Dr. Adolphe. The second reason is that turkey bone broth “complements the primary meat proteins (turkey, pork and salmon) in the Now Fresh stew and paté recipes, contributing to their palatability,” further explains Dr. Adolphe. Food that encourages your pet to eat is excellent, especially when it’s an ingredient like broth, since it increases fluid consumption.

Dr. Adolphe further expressed the health benefits of bone broth by stating, “Pets can benefit from the minerals and collagen from the bones, which are present in the broth.” Collagen is an incredible benefit since it reduces inflammation and can support digestive health. Collagen, minerals and nutrients dissolve into the broth when cooking for that long duration and are then infused within the whole batch.

All Now Fresh paté and stew cat and dog food recipes “are made in a human-grade facility, which means that all of the ingredients must also be human grade, including the bone broth,” says Dr. Adolphe. With the combination of savory, wholesome bone broth and high-quality, fresh ingredients, the benefits of bone broth for pets goes beyond the broth.

Recipes with Bone Broth

Petcurean’s NOW FRESH wet foods include bone broth for dogs benefits and cats benefits in every single recipe.

Canine Choices:

  • NOW FRESH Grain Free Turkey Stew
  • NOW FRESH Grain-Free Pork Stew

Feline Choices:

  • NOW FRESH Grain-Free Wild Salmon Stew
  • NOW FRESH Grain-Free Wild Salmon Pate
  • NOW FRESH Grain-Free Turkey Stew
  • NOW FRESH Grain-Free Pork Pate

Bone broth is savory, wholesome and satisfying—all great reasons to think about including it in your pet’s diet. You can use these stews and patés as toppers, or complete meals. Whichever way you decide to serve it, we’re confident your pet won’t be opposed to trying something deliciously new!

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Health Benefits of Bone Broth for Pets


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