We want to treat our dogs like family and that means feeding our dogs the very best.

Human-grade dog food is one of the many healthy diet options. Some of it looks just as good as people food, even though human-grade dog food is NOT meant for human consumption.

We put together a test of sorts using Tylee’s human-grade dog food to see whether you can tell the difference between human-grade dog food and actual human food. Tylee’s recipes are fully cooked, frozen meals made with real, whole foods. Can you tell which of the following are people food and which are Tylee’s dog food?

Tylee’s pork jerky dog treats

Photo: Chewy Studios


Mouth-Watering Jerky

Who could resist these tasty meat treats? Jerky makes a delicious quick snack that’s packed with protein. Can you guess which jerky above is edible for humans and which is for dogs?

ANSWER: If you guessed the one on the right was the dog treat, you’re right!

Tylee’s pork jerky dog treats are made with only one ingredient: pork. They contain no added preservatives and go through a natural drying process to stay fresh.

Hearty Pork Meatballs

Photo: Chewy Studios


Hearty Pork Meatballs

Beef tacos are a favorite among many foodies, and for some taco connoisseurs, it’s a must-have every Tuesday. Now, let’s “taco” ’bout which of these tasty plates contains Tylee’s dog food.

ANSWER: Did you guess left? If so, you’re right! Looks good enough to eat, right? But remember: Human-grade dog food is not meant for human consumption.

The tacos on the left were made with Tylee’s human-grade beef recipe, which includes wholesome ingredients like ground beef, broccoli, spinach, zucchini, sweet potato and mangoes.

Savory Turkey Burgers

Photo: Chewy Studios


Savory Turkey Burgers

When it comes to healthy options, turkey burgers are a favorite for those seeking a lean, tasty protein. So, let’s talk turkey. Can you guess which burger above is made out of Tylee’s dog food?

ANSWER: If you guessed the right photo, you’re right on the money!

Made for all life stages, Tylee’s human-grade turkey recipe contains wholesome ingredients, including cranberries, zucchini, spinach and sweet potato. These minimally processed ingredients contain antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Healthy Protein Bowl

Photo: Chewy Studios


Healthy Protein Bowl

These days, healthy bowls are all the rage. From quinoa bowls to acai bowls, there are so many delicious options to choose from.

ANSWER: So, which bowl contains the dog food? If left to your own devices you guessed left, you’re correct!

It’s made with Tylee’s human-grade chicken recipe, which contains spinach, celery, carrots, apples and peas. It can be served as a stand-alone dog food or as a topper—a great way to kick kibble up a notch.

Don’t forget: While all the dog foods above are human-grade, they are NOT recommended for human consumption.

To learn more about human-grade foods, read What is Human-Grade Dog Food?

Quiz: Human Food or Dog Food?

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