Dog Beg Cushion

The choice of pet mattress determines the quality of your pet’s sleep. In the past 2021, this product became a hot seller in the international market. It brought us $50 million in sales last year. We have added 5 production lines and a 5,000 square meter facility to our original base for this purpose.

Our products contain 100% cotton and are made of Memory Foam.

The products have the advantages of exquisite design, high color fastness, non-irritation, green environmental protection, low shrinkage|, washable and durable ) and other advantages.


About US

With over 13 years’ experience in pet industry, Guangzhou Petckc Pet Product Ltd.

has been focusing on the function value of pet products, with our production base in the south of China – Guangzhou, which has rich resources of raw materials and intensive labor force.

We are introducing various items, such as dog clothes, dog car seat cover, dog shoes, pet bedding, dog collars and leads, dog bandanas, dog toys, cat toys, accessories, etc.

We launch more than 30 new items per month.

Our target is to offer you the best quality and the most innovative pet items at competitive prices in China.

1. OEM / ODM businessWe have experienced designer and project development team who can take care of your OEM projects. We have cooperated factories with competitive price and top quality.

2. Petckc Brand DistributorWe have plenty stock available for Petckc pet items, you are welcome to get our best distributor prices.

We have 200+ employees, annual revenue of USD 70 million, we have 2 plants of 5000 square meters and 10 production lines.

Voice of the Customer

There are many pet mattress products in the market, we asked for samples of different manufacturers' products at the same time, Petckc's product design is innovative, fine workmanship, do all our product testing process, the performance of the best results. The sales results in the U.S. were exactly what we had expected. We are very glad to find Petckc's pet mattress products.

US Agent-James

Our main sales area is Germany and we saw the Petckc pet mattress design and it was clear that the Petckc side of the design was very popular in Europe. In the 3 years that we have been working with Petckc, we have had a great time working together.

German distributor - Theis

We met Petckc at a pet exhibition in Europe, and the design of both the exhibition hall and the style of the products was very different. Like their corporate director, I am first a pet lover and then an entrepreneur. I firmly believe that entrepreneurs who are enthusiasts are the ones who can produce good pet products.

Spanish agent - Luis

The aesthetics of Europe is different from the rest of the world. When we were shopping for pet mattresses, we felt that Petckc's pet mattresses have a novel design, and after we looked at their products, we felt that we could directly make a label. There is no need to make any modification, and we are very impressed that they can have such a good product design.

Italian Agent- Francesco

As an emerging market with the 4th largest population in the world, Indonesia's consumer market has a tendency to upgrade, and our first criterion in choosing products is good value for money, not the pursuit of cost performance.

Indonesia Agent-Mohammed

Before the New Crown epidemic, I had the privilege to visit Petckc's production plant, which is a large and spectacular facility. I was given a tour of the entire production line by someone from their business. Their workflow was very sophisticated, whether in production, packing, or shipping.

Brazil Distributor-Bahamonde

Why Choose Us

Excellent reputation

We specialize in providing pet toys, pet car seats, pet mattresses, pet clothes, pet shoes and other OEM and OED business.

Industry Experience

We have 13 years of experience in the industry and have provided OEM and ODM services to many customers. We are not only limited to OEM and ODM OEM, but also have integrated solutions to reduce production cost and provide product quality. Through continuous R&D and design, we protect the rights and interests of OEM/ODM customers and agents.

Start with the end in mind

We have a R&D team of 50 people and have cooperated with many research institutes and universities in scientific research. We are able to achieve the expected goals of our customers well.

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