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Petckc is division company of Guangzhou Petckc Co., Ltd for pet products, we are specialized in Exporting, Researching, Developing,Manufacturing Pet health food, we have a professional scientific research team combined with China Guangxi University Science and technology college, Animal science and technology college. We have lots of foreign and domestic product formulas, technology and patents, we are committed to a strict quality control system to produce pet health food according to the standard of human health food.We all staff are as concerned about taking care of small animals as you do, we insist on providing high standard and high-quality pet health food to protect pets’ nutrition and health demand. Pets eat safe and happy, show health and vitality.


Our company has core technology and professional service team, as well as complete R & D team, production and testing equipment, and has established advanced detection means and perfect quality monitoring and control system to ensure stable product quality.With rich OEM experience, global distributor of ODM pet health food products, a strong R & D team in biotechnology, a powerful domestic pharmaceutical manufacturer and sales companies, we have created a famous product in China’s pet medical field: Dolittle series, which has become the top one manufacturer of pet health food in China market.Our company 100000 aseptic production workshops and 5 freeze-drying production lines, and the daily output of various dosage forms reaches 200 tons.


We strictly control the quality, get advanced detection means and perfect quality monitoring and guarantee system to ensure stable product quality.We have modern management system and high-quality service team, provide OEM service efficiently and accurately, we provide accurate, professional, efficient service and guidance for customers from marketing plans, quality and profits, to create a “win-win” situation together with customers. We adhere to the business philosophy of “Don’t do to others what you don’t want to do to others”. With the working spirit of Focus and Repetition, we focus on animal safety and ecology.


We have rich industry experience, relying on superior product resources, we are willing to provide the best quality service for partners all around the world!Our vision: Be a Global Super pet nutrient brandOur Mission: Improve the quality and life length that pet accompany with hostsSense of value: Honesty, Modesty, Innovation and Efficiency

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